more kestrel food

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As I mentioned, and you've probably forgotten already,  gull numbers rise.  Interestingly (in the context of not much being of interest) a couple of juvenile Black Headed Gulls are knocking about.  Their inconsistent wing pattern does occasionally give microseconds of excitement as nothing similar has been seen round here quite some time.  In other gull action, the GBB's were back on the barge, but are doing nothing more exciting than standing up, moving a bit, and sitting back down.

A juvenile gull doing floating.

There is more fresh Kestrel food in the patch too, with a lovely new batch of a half dozen Mallard ducklings knocking about by the houseboats and a single duckling in the Wandle delta.  Here is the obligatory rubbish picture of one of them on a handy bit of river detritus.

A duckling doing fattening itself up for a Kestrels lunch.

All of this incredible patch action paled into insignificance yesterday when it transpired that Mrs Thing has been awarded (and earned) a 1st Class degree.  To say that this is very good news is really understating the fact by a country mile.  Good on you kiddo.


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