how to beat the tube strike revisited

Monday, October 04, 2010

Some time ago I wrote about how I (internally) beat the tube strike - read it here if inclined.

So we find ourselves in the same position today, but with considerably less pleasant weather and largely darkness as a companion.  But I have three times the distance to travel and a metropolis to cross.  Bitching doesn't even get half way to describing the commute this morning.  However, when a river has to be crossed there are birds to be seen.  Somehow this morning I found myself on the Woolwich Ferry, and while on said ferry there were three Common Terns to watch around the side of the boat.  A nice interlude.

I'll count the birds on the way home tonight but don't have my hopes up for 26 species, or for that matter finishing the journey within two hours.



Phil Slade said...

Hard Cheese but sounds like you may get a few owls, morning and evening. It's an ill wind etc.

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