Thursday, October 07, 2010

Migrating Magpies.  Really?  Well it would seem so, as less than an hour ago there was a rag-tag stream of Magpies steadily moving south over the river.  There were nineteen of them.  There are not that many Magpies round here.  Yet more vis-mig in the on fire patch...


Col said...

I've seen the same thing with Magpies here in autumn a couple of times - can't remember the figures off hand but over 50 on one occasion, all heading south as far as the lighthouse on Galley head, where they turned around and all started heading back inland again. The same with Jays too - though in much lower numbers - 5 on one day, 6 another time - think its probably just local movement but they chicken out when they see the sea. Wonder how far your 19 birds kept it up for?

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