A Bullfinch gets me thinking

Monday, January 19, 2009

Knowing that I would find something small and interesting at Brent Res yesterday, we started at the sailing club end. I had a 'feeling' that there was a passerine to be found (other than the inevitable tits), and lo it appeared and bloody lovely it was too. A male Bullfinch, and diligently I have taken a dodgy pic of it. Not seeing these very often (my last was a female flying across the M25 and before that a male across the M11) I was more than happy for a patch tick and a year tick.

The patch tick got me thinking of what makes a patch? We've been to the Brent Res 9 times, and I like it. It is strangely reminiscent of my first proper patch (Surlingham Church Marsh) as there is a shooting club next to both, the regular snap of pistols and the flying of red flags while searching for another LBJ - Surlingham however did not have a fucking great Stadium at one end (ie Wem-ber-leee). There have been visits in winter, late summer and autumn, but nothing in spring and early summer. Without the full years view of the seasons and subsequent years to compare it against, I feel that it doesn't quite qualify (on purely self imposed rules) but it's almost there. After the weekend hiatus, the Fulham patch will of course be presenting me with some gulls to ponder later in the day. And maybe a Greenfinch?

Accidentally arty farty photo of a swan with a dribbly nose....


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