Weather for ducks

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fair pissing down at lunchtime it was, however not being a fairweather birder I braved the weather to go a look at birds - patch birding requires a bit of bloody mindedness to be worthwhile and effective, and today is the perfect example.

If I had looked out of the window and thought that it was a teenyweenybitwetandIdontwanttogooutcosI'llgetwet then I would be letting myself down, letting the patch down, and letting the statistics down and I would not have found 13 Gadwall - a record high for the site. Well worth the effort in the circumstance.

As I didn't take any photos, as there is no point in getting the camera wet (if that gets ruined I'm a fucking dead man, believe me), so I proffer a pic of a Gadwall from last week that is nearly in focus! Belting!


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