Egyptian Geese in the distance...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dunnock started singing this morning with some gusto, which was a slightly tardy addition to the year list for the patch to put it at 37 against the monster total of 66 in 2008.

Lunchtime was good and bad. I walked all the way to Wandsworth bloody Park to try and find (and take a dodgy photo of) a Yellow Legged Gull that I saw on Monday. When I arrived, because the tide had only just started to expose the foreshore, all the gulls were on the far side of the fucking river! Bastards.

Anyway, found a Little Grebe on the way (38 for the year) and there were Egyptian Geese on the far bank to give me 39. If you look really hard at the far bank in the picture attached (god knows whereabouts it will appear in the post), behind the barge with the writing on - you can see Egyptian Geese.

No, honestly you can.


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