Friday, January 22, 2010

I say it again. Dunnockless. I’ve yet to see a Dunnock on the patch this year. I reckon that I could find up to four singing males normally, but so far – nada. Maybe they suffered in the bad weather and succumbed, but conversely the Robins didn’t. I’ve always thought that they are hardly little things so maybe they migrated out? Either way, I hope some turn up as they are good little birds and I for one quite like their scratchy little song.

Yesterday did bring an Egyptian Goose, and my slapdash year list for the patch hadn’t been updated to reflect Great Tit, Great Spotted Woodpecker or Kestrel so I have now suddenly leapt to the dizzy heights of 47.

Gadwall doing synchronised preening.


Nathalie said...

I have seen and heard Dunnocks in the past week in North Fulham, so there's hope, some have survived...

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