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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Although it was just an innocent reference to something non-birding that had happened on the patch (to try and keep the interest going and put the place in some kind of context, yeah?), the statcounter showed that a fair few people wanted to see pictures of the accident on Wandsworth Bridge yesterday, and unfortunately for them they landed on this here blog.  It amused me somewhat that they had arrived looking for pictures of carnage and blood soaked bodies being dragged out of a mashed up sports car and all they got was a rubbish picture of a Cormorant.  Actually it really made me laugh. It amused me also that the number of hits on the blog went up because of this.  It amused me that someone put the wrong bloody date in the search engine and still ended up here. 

Cynically, I could now tell you that the young lad that biked round a park in Fulham for miles to raise money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake, was actually in the patch too.  It's in a park that it really is called 'South Park'. I could cynically also mention Simon Cowell (because he conveniently jumped on the bandwagon to get his fizgog onto the front of the papers with the young lad - probably spoiling his day good and proper) and then I could cynically tag on some kind of sexual reference like 'Simon Cowell boob job pictures' or even claim to have secret recordings of Osama Bin Laden, but that would only result in the CIA or MK Ultra snooping around my ass.  But that would be silly, and little more than occupatio.  But it may amuse me some more to see the stats at the end of the day.

I've digressed quite a bit.  I reckon that all the people that don't want to know about the 29th best patch in London have already sworn at me across the etherweb and have left.  But then again, so might everyone else.  Nonetheless, let's get right up to date with the patch.  Stock Dove on the foreshore at lunchtime, Sparrowhawk (small male) being hassled by a crow at lunchtime too (nice).  Two more patch year ticks.  Still got a half dozen drake Teal knocking about, same for Gadwall but no Pintail at the moment.  Gullage interesting, but nothing special amongst them all.  No Yellow-legged Gull for ages.

The year list stands at 49.

A Cormorant on some nautical traffic lights.  With guano.


Ernest said...

I spotted those subtle digs about occupatio and name-dropping to get hits. But I don't mind, because it's true. I couldn't resist trying to make proper birding stories linked to "celebrities" and as you might see I have just done one about Marilyn Munroe and biological supersignals...of which shev is an excellent example. i shall occasionally bung these little crowd-pleasers in... but purely for scientific perposes obviously!
If you want to see the same sort of thing done very well, look at the reservoir cats site.
Best wishes from Ray here at mostlybirdingwithray....

Steve Gale said...

"Female nude wrestling", that I mentioned over a year ago now, still gets me hits, mostly from the subcontinent. Go on, give it a try and see Statcounter go mad...

Thing said...

By jove, I think you've done it already!

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