Monday, January 18, 2010

Abso-bloody-lutely typical.

You may recall that for the first time in ages (perhaps ever) the patch is producing some excellent birding.  What should have been a post last Monday about the Peregrine over the Thames on the previous Friday afternoon (honest - and a belter it was too) didn't materialise.  The week of happy trudging around the patch in sub-arctic conditions picking out patch megas didn't materialise.  However, flu did materialise.

Abso-bloody-lutely typical.  Now the harsh weather is gone, the decent birds will all have gone back to whence they came, leaving me counting coots again.  Brilliant.

I shall not regale you with the finer details of my untimely illness, the volume of snot that came from the mucus factory that was my sinuses or the number of toilet rolls I got through in one afternoon (two and a box of tissues for the record).  No, I shall persevere and get back out on the patch today and leave you with a simple fact.

The patch year list now stands at a stunning 42.

A Redwing doing perching.


Ernest said...

You will be fascinated to hear that telling us what you are not going to tell us and telling us anyway ( snot volumes, toilet rolls utilized etc) is a well-known literary trick going back to Chaucer and beyond. It even has a special name ( occupatio). So there. If you zip over to my blog (mostlybirdingwithray) you will find some musings on spotting in general, and some jolly skull pics... after all this is the most depressing day of the year apparently. Best wishes from Ray, whjo being over 60 and at risk has had his various flu jabs!

Thing said...

Yeah, I knew all that of course.

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