Red letter day!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Not a bad haul this lunchtime. Pretty much started off by bumping into another birder! Blummenell! Turns out that she’s being walking the path since the seventies, and can remember a time when she would get excited by seeing a Cormorant!

Anyhow, she carried on to Barnes and I stopped at Wandsworth Park and for a while it was wildfowl dominating the place. About 50 Tufties knocking about, a couple of drake Pintail and the usual Mallard. Sneaking about amongst them was a full blown Aylesbury Duck (just the sort that goes in the pot – yummy!) and a mutant Goose that I have seen a couple times before – it looks like a cross between a Canada and White-fronted. I was checking out a couple of Greylags when eight more flew in, and just before I left the riverbank eight Canada Geese flew over! Before leaving the park altogether, I cast an eye over the Thrushes that were feeding on the grass where the snow was thawing – Blackbird, a couple of Mistle Thrushes and a Redwing! Not just a year tick but a bloody patch tick! Here are some rubbish pics of the little beauty!


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