Ungrateful sod!

Friday, February 06, 2009

I get all togged up for a stomp in the freezing bloody cold, and take some bread with me. Start chucking it around, and the gulls and crows get on it. The gulls are a little reticent as there is not much foreshore, so the crows get stuck in en masse. After all the food was gone, all the crows calmed down and the gulls sat in the water, and what did I get in the way of thanks? I got shat on by a crow.


Do you remember the cracking little book from yesteryear dear reader - “What bird did that?”, well I have no need to refer to it at all as the culprit was sitting in the tree, having relieved itself with ease.

So, I grumpily went on my way, noting that the crows did seem to be aggressive towards everything today – chasing each other, Magpies, Starlings and even LBB’s in flight to get a bit of food so the snow must be biting a bit. Found another away from the scene of the crime which was a bit animated, and it was hassling a Sparrowhawk – probably a male. Patch year tick, taking me to the heady heights of 46!


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