Unsure and inconsistent

Friday, February 13, 2009

Inconveniently, work has managed to get in the way of my daily sojourns over the last few days, so there is little to report - but I feel that have a duty to you, dear reader, to let you know that I have not perished in a bizarre accident while leaning over the Thames to try and ensure that every gull I see is not a Kittiwake.

Of course, with gulls providing much of the interest on the river, I have to ensure that each group of Black-heads and Commons is scanned fully to ensure that I have not missed the chance of a Med or Ring-billed or for that matter a Little or Bonapartes (fat chance of that!). Yesterday there was a good shout for a Yellow Legged, but as it became distant and stationary almost immediately, I couldnt know for sure, so it will remain in the 'probably wasn't' pile. Other than that, the Linnets are still knocking about, a fair few Tufties are scattered over the area and a pair of pintail flew away from the river yesterday.

Obviously the sensible blogthing to do is supply a picture of a gull. So here are some swans from earlier today.


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