What else have I missed?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Loads by the sound of it....

The full Snipe count at Brent Res on Sunday was 53, pissing all over my paltry 16. There was also a couple of roosting Tawny Owls. Balls.

There were over 90 Fieldfare at two different parks close to where I was. Balls. And more Redwings too. 90 Fieldfare is brilliant!

Worst of all, on Friday, a Kittiwake was reported over the river by the Wetland centre rising and flying east. And where is east of the Wetland Centre? Fucking Fulham! - that's where! A Kittiwake flying past here would have sent me into some sort of bloody biblical rapture, but no - it didn't fly past me! No, I shall just be happy that there are plenty of Black-headed Gulls to watch. Bastard.

On a lighter note, after chasing them round the sky while they performed successive circular and silent loops, I did find 9 Linnets at lunchtime which I was particularly pleased with.


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