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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It seems that most London birders seem to be able to just look into the sky to pick up raptors at the moment, Kites, Buzzards, Ospreys and not long before some Honey Buzzards are popping through I guess (ie

Of course, large raptors have never ever been seen in Fulham. Ever.

So I have had to suffice with Geese. There are other birds around (including Coots - worry not dear reader - my inbox is inundated with no requests for an update, but an update on the mentalists you will get!) but the geese are the only ones that hang around long enough to take a shite picture of. So here goes - shite pics ahoy!

Greylag, with the obligatory traffic cone in the river.

Canada. They fly up the river, they fly down the river.

Egyptian, this one was doing a spot of preening after falling out with it's missus.

And er, that's it.

Have a picture of some Brent Geese that I didn't take in Fulham.


Nathalie said...

I'm in the same boat... I've been skywatching in North Fulham and have very little to report too, raptors or otherwise :( Most exciting was a grey heron bullied away by a crow over my street yesterday.
I am a bit behind, but, funnily enough, I posted yesterday an entry for 9th April with photos of geese taken just the other side of Wandsworth Bridge (by Sainsbury's). I also had a coot there that day, maybe one of yours, looked fairly mental...
Can't wait for the coots update!

Andrew said...

No raptors for me in Central London since the whole Kestrel fiasco at the Tower of London. And yet every other day at the moment someone's seen a Red Kite over Rainham. It makes me sad.

Thing said...

I'd like to claim that because a Coot is mental then it must be one of mine, but I have to admit that all Coots are mental. All of them!

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