Was that, no, wasn't it? Was it? Where did it go?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There was my first hint of a passage bird this morning when I thought that I heard a Common Sandpiper, which I get at the beginning and end of the summer. I thought I did, I might not have. Usually once they call they can be seen skipping across the river when the tide is up, but I couldn’t find one. Will do soon I expect, as they come through here each year. Migrancy has not quite got here yet (while I’ve been here anyway) – but I am hopeful for something this lunchtime. It has been misty all morning and it is beginning to warm up and the sun is coming out and the tide will be down too. There was a Black Kite over the Gherkin the other day, so the eyes will be skyward! Stayed tuned kids – for the next instalment of What Thing Didn’t See Today!

This is a picture of a species that I will not see today in a place that I am not going to. It's the first in a series of guerilla type picture posting where I add pictures from my holiday to posts about my patch as they are more interesting.


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