Well, hello duckie!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The dampness subsided, the sun came out, the temperature rose and the wind stayed down. Yup, yesterday lunchtime was ideal weather for watching high flying raptors bumming about in thermals. Or as they are known in Fulham - Herring Gulls. Bloody things.

Observe the Tuftie below dear reader.

It thinks it is a Mallard, or at the very least it fancies a Mallard.

It was following these two around the Thames all day, and unlike all the other Tufties round here (which are knocking about in the Wandle) it actually got out of the water - very unusual.

It flies when they fly, feeds when they feed, fights when they fight; damn it - it even cries when they cry man... he's definitely got 'issues'. But he is vulnerable - and needs to be careful. This is a big bad city, and there are a fair few big gay Mallard out on the Thames that would just love to have a piece of sweet Tuftie action...


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