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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yes, dear reader, I have returned. I have been away, and I did do some birding, but I will resist the long and perhaps tedious 'lookwhereIwentonholiday' report. It is perhaps worth noting that in my absence, my Fatbirder ranking has turned to shit. From the position of nearly breaking into the hallowed 500, I came to find this humble site at 787 this morning, which personally I find quite funny.

Suffice to say, I Digimonocularised this, no honest - it's nearly half decent.

Also, I refuse to believe that Crossbills actually exist.

And at lunchtime I am going to look for Coots.


James said...

I think you know we all want the long and boring 'lookwhereiwentonholidayreport'!

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