A Coot and a cucumber

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Here we are again. By my reckoning this is the third attempt at nesting in the shopping trolley this year. And again, the level of the nest is too low. However, today's interesting piece of detritus is a cucumber. No, really - a full size, cling film wrapped ready to eat cucumber.

Naturally, the first thing you do with a cucumber when you decide that you don't want it, or that you don't like them any more is to chuck it in the nearest water course. Dear reader, I struggle to understand why people do this.

Anyway, the high quality, high definition image below shows the gourd in situ, to the right of the bird.

You may as well have a couple of stunning Digimonoculared™ snaps of a Heron in the Wandle too. It found a lot of something small when I was watching it. Fish fry? Mitten Crabs? Shrimp?


Anonymous said...

chucking cucumbers in the wandle, how novel! rather like rolling cheeses down hills..... Britain is Great is it not?


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