Perhaps this time?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Regular readers will fully understand the following statement, newcomers may wonder what the excitement is about.

Look at the size of this fucking nest!

I hadn't been to see the shopping trolley nest for a couple of weeks, and in the meantime they have been quite industrious and have built the biggest nest that I have seen on this site (perhaps the biggest coot nest I have seen this year?). The shopping trolley is almost totally obscured by the size of it. The construction is more sturdy with lots of branches and twigs in situ rather than the normal floppy reeds. As can be seen, they are still building and sitting tight on what I hope is eggs.

The tide was still rising at this point, but there may be enough height in the nest to cope with it. Even if there is a little dousing of the nest, they should be able to keep adding to it to keep it clear. Promising stuff.

The future is bright, the future is orange tufted round its ugly little head. Perhaps.


Anonymous said...

Its obvious when they were little and in 'how to be a good coot' school, the lessons of house husbandry became entrenched in the depths of their psyche. It is my opinion that mummy coot had problems paying the rent and they had to move to a trailer site. That can be the only reason for producing the monstrosity witnessed.


Alan Tilmouth said...

No Coots are like humans they just have to keep on building bigger and bigger and bigger. They obviously believe bigger is better, lets hope they are right.

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