Scraping the barrel

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The patch is quiet at the moment.

Very, very quiet. There is very little to report. The interesting singers have stopped singing, or gone away. There are some increased numbers of Egyptian Geese and Canada Geese. There are gulls.
So let's liven things up with a Mystery Headless Bird Guessing Competition! (I know, I'm really scraping the barrel for post ideas, but there you have it - guess or don't guess - who cares?!?!)
This was seen recently in an 'apparently wild state' and, of course, stunningly digiscopered.

No, not the Canada goose.

No, not the tyre.

If someone, anyone, guesses correctly - I'll post a picture of it's head!! How exciting is this kids?

Answers on postcard to the usual address! The only prize is kudos...


Des McKenzie, said...

Bar-headed Goose or BHG hybrid?

Anonymous said...

ermm a maleo? Kate Humble is a muppet how can a ruddy greenfinch be accused of chick abuse and neglect, get err orf

Des McKenzie, said...

Bloody hell! never considered Maleo!

I've changed me mind.

...and as for that Chris Packham's floppy barnet ... gertcha.

Thing said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thing said...

Maleo? If that were the case we would still be in the hide, while I dribbled uncontrollably and continuously.

The mute button was designed for Humble and her drivel.

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