Facts. Have them.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Due to a mixture of illness, training, weekends etc, I haven't really contributed much to the blogosphere (not that my witterings could be considered a contribution, but I digress). So here, especially for you dear reader, are some avifaunical facts that I have gleaned during the down time. Have them.

The relative size of a birds testes is the hallmark of female promiscuity.

Bullfinches are so highly strung that they can die in the hand for no apparent reason.

Sandhill Cranes are the longest known surviving species. A leg bone discovered in Nebraska was 9 million years old.

Woodpeckers have an ear at the end of their tongue.

The rectal pressure of an Adelie Penguin is 7psi. The same that is in a keg of lager.

Zugunruhe is heritable.

According to William Harvey, the Ostrich phallus is 'like a cow's tongue'

Mozart had a pet Starling. His work K.522 may be based on Starling song.

There is one accepted record in North America of an Eurasian Blackbird.

An annual productivity rate of 0.65 chicks will maintain a Stone Curlew population.

Adolf Hitler is partly responsible for the presence of the breeding Avocets in Britain.

I have difficulty in spelling the word 'wierd'.

Coots evidently taste better than Moorhens.

I may, or may not, be Bill Oddie.

Coot young doing ugly.


Spoonbillz said...

Intruiged about the Nazi-avocet link...

Anonymous said...

ermm Im wondering whether having an ear on my tongue would be a tad offputting..... (thinking quite literally about it right this very minute..... that would sooo totally be wrong mann.

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