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Monday, October 05, 2009

Is this symptomatic of a deeper malaise?

Kate Humble is the new president of the RSPB.

Yes, you did read that correctly – Kate “eeuuaarrghloogatthemBillthey’rezooo sweeeeeeeettt ” Humble is the new president of the RSPB.

The RSPB membership as a whole may not be the most scientifically leaning bunch, and they may be more often inclined to what is often termed ‘Robin Stroking’ and there is room for, and need for all of us across the ornithological spectrum but this appointment hardly lends the organisation any gravitas does it? The RSPB does good work. It has and does campaign on some weighty issues and generally for bloody good reason and at governmental level. At that kind of level you bring in the big guns right?  Julian Pettifer for example. A Jonathon Porrit type of person.  Not a celebrity telly presenter.

The entire world has gone utterly celebrity mad, and it seems that you have to be seen regularly on the bloody telly before you can gain any kind of standing in the rest of society. Dumbing down is becoming the norm in every aspect of our life. It’s only a five year post, so maybe they’ll clever up next time?

A Turnstone doing creeping and stuff.


Anonymous said...

kate humble what an fing bumble,im going to fing mumble and gonna fing grumble.
Honest to geeks what are they doing, this is the woman who focuses on the amount of excrement a greenfinch ( I think it was) produces and its in-adequate nest husbandary! What type of future conservationists are the RSPB trying to recruit if this is the role model. Superficial 'arghs and oohs'. Lets hope she embraces the job and actually produces results. By the way thing your turning into a ranter. Nice work.

Thing said...

A ranter? Moi?

Mr White said...

hoho, my first blogging subject! the delectable and oh so talented ms humble.

Mr White said...

bah! what use a comment trailing my blog without a link to it?

Mr White

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