A thousand Coots

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On Sunday, the ever vigilant Brent Birders recorded a record 1019 Coots.  Thats right kids one thousand and nineteen Coots.  Thats loads.  Coots, being argumentative little birds, are prone to the odd scuffle.  By the law of averages (well, the average that I am applying for the sake of this argument), with 1019 Coots in one place, there must be Coots having a scuffle with each other all the time.  So Brent Res has turned into a great big continual Coot fight!  Superb.

Not that many London birders care much for that kind of statistic when there is a Brown Shrike at Staines.  Get scared little bird.  Fly away.  Come to Fulham.  It's not far.  You'll like it here...

A partially focused Coot doing charging.


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