Two thousand Starlings

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Went for an early morning wander this morning. Lovely sky and all that, and hoped for a bit of vis-mig. Knowing this patch I shouldn’t have bothered hoping for that really. However, there is a Starling roost under Wandsworth Bridge which was emptying when I was there so I dutifully counted the little blighters. Over about 40 minutes there were in excess of 2300 birds. That’s right dear reader, two thousand three hundred plus. Considering that the peak is not expected until the depths of winter, there could be considerably more birds roosting there than I had thought. Nice spot for a Peregrine to get a little vulgaris shaped snack one would think...

Also of interest, 150+ Black Headed Gulls moving down river, a 3rd winter type Yellow Legged Gull, a couple of Grey Wagtails, an Egyptian Goose flying upriver and a couple of Tufties bombing about.

Very pleasant indeed.

Wandsworth doing dawn.


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