"More exciting than patch birding"

Monday, October 19, 2009

Yes dear reader, those words were uttered to me this weekend by Mrs Thing.  More exciting than patch birding.  But what on earth could have occured this weekend to provoke such a quote - what can possibly be more exciting than visiting a trusty patch, again?

Jensen Button becoming world champion?
Villa beating Chelsea?
The mad dad of Balloon Boy getting collared by the fuzz?

No, 'twas none of those.

It was twitching.

Dirty, filthy twitching.

Specifically twitching a Brown Shrike on Sunday afternoon, and it would seem that Mrs Thing much preferred the excitement of seeing this bird to sitting in a dirty hide in Barnet for a few hours staring at Coots.

A Brown Shrike doing showing.

This amazing image of this super rare bird is available to be purchased via Counting Coots Inc.  Just chuck us a tenner and I'll get someone with a colour printer to whack a couple off.  Many other images of rare birds are not available.  Buy two, get one free.  Makes sense, don't it?


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