Plot spoiler.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Having put the world straight on a couple of issues, I thought that I would actually put a post up regarding the patch, and the birds that are in said patch.  Groundbreaking eh?

My skills as an ornithological seer have served me well.  I predicted that I would meet with Linnets this year, and yesterday two Linnets were seen.  These skills are obviously as well developed as my stunning field craft skills, and are serving me well.  The Linnets landed in a bush, but I couldn’t find them again...

Other than that, there are quite a lot of birds at various points of the day but they just happen to be the same birds.  All the time.  Still got a Yellow Legged Gull hanging about, the odd Grey Wagtail and 5 of the cygnets that are about took to the wing earlier.  But not for long.  The Mallards are about done with eclipse plumage and the males are starting to look quite smart.  They are in larger groups now, and are doing all that piping and head bobbing stuff at the lady Mallards.  Despite all the Gannets in appearing in the Thames estuary, none have ended up down here.  The Cormorants are trying very hard to do their best cigar shaped impressions, but they don’t fool me!

Also this lunchtime, Charlie ‘bloke off the telly’ Boorman was trying out a stupid looking tall at the front sort of bicycle in the patch.  Probably something to do with his next series of travel based tomfoolery I reckon.  Not that I watch it mind you.  Far too frivolous and jolly.  Technically this paragraph is hypocritical, no?

Oh well, while I’m at it, in the new Dan Brown ‘book’ the Langdon character drowns and dies and all that.  It may be important to some people.  Just after chapter 100 if you want to idle five minutes away in WH Smith or something.  (Other book retailers are available).  I read it over some woman’s shoulder on a coach the other day.  Proper drivel it was too.

A Crow not doing a harbinger of doom at all, no Siree not me.


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