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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

News today that the world of digimonning has taken a catastrophic step back with the loss of the second generation camera monocular interface device, often known as the adaptor. Sources have informed us that the adaptor has been misplaced ‘somewhere in London’ and has not been seen for at least two weeks.

The inventor of the adaptor has gone on record saying “balls”. The adaptor cannot just be recreated as it was made from a plastic ‘thingie’ that was found on an industrial estate. The lack of digimonning adaptor has been taken as a backward step akin to losing a digital camera and having to make do with a box brownie. There are rumours that the lack of adaptor has also had a detrimental effect on the quality of birds that are finding their way onto London based bird related blogs.

Now here is the weather with Tomasz Shafernaker. Tomasz, your name is funny if you say it with a Geordie accent – why is that?

A Mallard doing proper manky


Alan Tilmouth said...

The Geordie accent was actually conceived by Northumberland Tourism, its all a marketing ploy, none of us actually speak like that. We are kind of like the Kenyans you see on TV documentaries who get dressed up and pogo for the camera in an alleged dance, then afterwards go back to working in Mcdonalds.

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