More crow and apple action

Friday, November 13, 2009

The science continues dear reader.  Hardcore ornithological science.  I am in the frontline of the edge of the forefront of major scientific breakdown.

Normal modus operandi.  I eat apple.  I throw core onto foreshore to entice crow.  But you guessed that bit.


Crow takes apple.  Pecks at it. 

A crow about to do pecking.

Hides it by rock but this time covers it with leaves!  And then flies off.

A gull finds it.

A gull doing a bit fussy

But gulls don't like apples so it also flies off.


Crow takes apple.  Pecks at it.

Looks for hiding place.

Flies off.

An apple doing neglected

My interim conclusion is that crows kind of like apples unless their mates are about when they would rather fart about in the sky with them.


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