So bad that it's good

Monday, November 30, 2009

Managed to get to Brent Res on Saturday for an hour.  The Cetti's Warbler was again refusing to make a sound which is a pity, as this would have been a nice patch tick.  There were plenty of ducks and Coots and a fair few snipe which was nice.  After a while, I trained the germans on some mud at the far side, as I reckoned that it was a suitable area for a certain species.  Bingo!  Out of the reeds it came, patch tick in the bag.  Much pleased was I.

The photograph below does include the species in question, and was only intended to be a record shot, but it turned out to be so rubbish, even by my own rubbish standards, that it has turned into an abstract piece that somehow manages to convey the habitat and habits of the species, as well as important identification features (perhaps it's jizz even)  in one simple snap.  Allegedly.  And no, it's not the Teal.

Can you see it?

A species of bird doing jizz


Bryan Rains said...

I take photos like that too so it's easy - Water Rail;-)

Derek Gallagher said...

I can see a new theme coming on 'Spot the Bird' - keep up the good work I enjoy very much reading your blog.

Derek (Bamber Bridge Birder - Up North!)

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