Are you being sarcaaaastic?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Slightly off topic, but there you go.

On the David Attenborough Life programme that was on last night, there was a fish which was perhaps the ugliest species of anything anywhere.  Forget the flying fish, this was the real star of the show.  Despite is dodgy fizgog it is now one of my favourite animals of all time because some wacko naturalist high on reefer has given it the greatest ever name of anything living.  Ever.

Yes, even better than Fanny's Woodstar

I present to you the Sarcastic Fringe Head Neoclinus blanchardi.

A Blennoid doing sarcasm.


Steve Gale said...

Great names. I'd like to big up the Satanic-eared Nightjar though. Cool. Never seen one however.

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