Patch tick

Monday, November 02, 2009

Recently my place of employment has rather incoveniently got itself in the way of any meaningful birding, or life for that matter. However, here are some potted highlights from the patch.

Monday - 2 Kingfishers flew down river + 2 Grey Wagtails
Wednesday - 3 Fieldfare flew over - Patch Tick!  74 for the site - Kerching!
Thursday - 2 Fieldfare flew over.  Not a patch tick, not even a year tick.  I am now in a vis-mig hot spot.
Friday - 1 warbler.  Willow I think, but couldn't be sure.
Sunday - 25 Pied Wagtails at dusk.  Site record by loads of percent.

I have no dodgy photos of the above.

But I do have one of a gull.

A gull doing overexposed in parts.


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