Bird eats fish!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Honest!  Just you wait and see! 

Yes, the patch is quiet.  Real quiet.  There have been no suprises and very little to report.  Minor behavioural nuances, that kind of thing.

Like this.  I have seen this kind of activity at distance a couple of times, but recently I had it close enough to digimon some 'pictures' of it.  Cormorant v flat fish.  A Flounder perhaps?  Dunno, I'm rubbish at fish.

The fish is caught and held in the beak at 90 degrees to the angle that the bird needs to swallow it.  With a lack of opposing thumbs, this is a bit tricky.  So long as it can avoid a GBB getting hold of it, they are usually successful.

But not pretty.

A Cormorant doing pelican


Fraser Simpson said...

Incredible! Would love to have seen this.

Unknown said...

Nice sequence. Well caught.peawto

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