Caption competition

Monday, December 28, 2009

As it is the christmas break I will thankfully be nowhere near a computer or the interweb for ages.

Just to keep my loyal 'fans' briefly amused in my absence - I've come up with a caption competition!  Think of it as my blogoweb Christmas present to you all. 

There aren't any prizes or anything.  Nor should you have expected any.

Off you go.

Or not.

A Gull doing what?


Anonymous said...

A gull doing... presenting an inviting target

Graham James said...

Making a new 'Go Compare' ad.

Rob said...

Shark! Shark! Oh my god! Everyone out of the water!

Ernest said...

Honest mate... it was THIS big!!

Dave said...

Looks like a gull "Flasher" to me...dirty bird!

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