v 3.0.1 - the Ska-daptor

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

In 1980 there was one item of attire that was the coolest thing to have in the playground, bar none. Readers that are slightly older than me, or those that are slightly or considerably younger than me are unlikely to know what it is or understand why. The item in question was a belt. One of those cotton belts that were worn with the end flapping down that have had a renaissance of late. They are not very good at keeping your trousers up, but what do school kids care about that?  Not any colour would do, oh no. Primary or pastel colours were for girls, black was nearly cool, white was barely cool. No – the coolest thing to have was a belt that was black on one side and white on the other. A two tone belt. It was the time of Ska, 2-Tone, Madness, The Specials etc etc. It would all shortly be replaced by stripes across the face and highwayman costumes, but that’s another matter. Yes that 2-Tone belt instantly made you cool.

I didn’t have one.

Why am I dribbling on about this shit?  Well, I do now have an important item of two toned gear.  Yes dear reader, the third version of the Digimonocularisation adaptor is born.  The 'Ska-daptor'.

This adaptor is another leap in digimonning technology as you would expect.  It is reversible, it is adjustable (by the addition or removal of insulation tape) and it can be sourced from a never ending stock should it be lost as I know what it started as.  Yes, I took a plastic thingie and with the help of a ruddy great file and a linisher it was formed.  Topped of with several layers of insulation tape et voila!  Digimonning is back on the menu - get in!

I expect that in the near future I will have something to write about birds.  In a patch.


The Watcher said...

Great stuff. I admire the work of good Digi scopers as it was the first thing I tried. Unfortunately my eyes just could not see the back of the Nikon screen to focus well out doors so I went the DSLR route. Looking forward to the new images.

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