Sixth form climate change installation hypocrisy. Or so I think.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

This post is going to be a bit sweary.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Honestly, really sweary.  If you don't like bad language click on one of the other blogs, on the right of this page.  Go the new one, it's got some excellent pictures of Mandarins and Herons and Coots, and he (Fraser Simpson) doesn't seem to swear much.

Otherwise scroll the fuck on down.

Take a look at these fucking fuckwits.

Viewed from the other side of the bank on Wednesday,  I took a photo of them (regardless of the implications of Section 44 cos I'm rock hard me) as the situation looked a bit poncy to me, and I reckon I'm right.  They are fuckwits.  But you say, am I being too harsh too early?  Too judgemental, too world weary.  Let's see shall we?

Basically, here are two floppy haired  sixth form art student twats that have decided that it would be really cool to make some kind of comment on the state of the worlds climate (cos it's all topical and in the news and everything) by doing some kind of 'installation' or whatever they are fucking taught in school these days.  The said 'installation' is a model of a cute polar bear, sittting on a pretend sheet of ice looking all sorrowful and sad-eyed because mankind has properly fucked up the planet.  The pretend last-ice-sheet-in-the-world-ever is made from a polystyrene sheet that is three inches thick.  The whole thing was then set afloat in the Thames while they take pictures of the sad little polar bear, poorliddlepolarbear

But I gave them the benefit of the doubt.  I am an ageing pessimistic cynic. They are young and optimisitic.  I was like that once upon a time.  They are trying to highlight an issue that matters to them in one of the few ways that they know how.  By floating a silly bit of plastic with a fluffy toy on top of it in the fucking Thames.  I moved on. 

Yesterday I was again in my new patch within a patch when I saw something on the far bank.  It looked like it might be a dead swan.  A bank of tightly roosting egrets perhaps.  An albino bustard sunbathing?  I lined up the optics and had a look.

Yes, that is what you think it is.  A six foot by three foot lump of bloody polystyrene with straps on to hold a fluffy toy.

Thats right - the floppy haired twats had gone through the motions of taking their oh so important pictures for their poxy fucking art project that was focussing on how shite the world was because we pollute so much and we are all so bad and the prettyliddlepolarbears are all adrift in the big fucking ocean because everything like sucks yeah and we need to fix it like now and then gone and finished off their work by DUMPING THE PLASTIC IN THE FUCKING RIVER!

You stupid fucking idiots.  The level of hypocrisy and sheer fucking stupidity that I have witnessed just beggars belief.  Why do this?  Why pretend that you have any kind of green concerns and/or credentials and then go and pollute and litter so gratuitously? Shame on you, whoever you are.

Rather than sit in my ivory blog tower and rant about it, I borrowed a van and removed the plastic.  Idiots.

Rant over.  Unless something incredible happens today, this blog will shortly be discussing Pintail.


Jonathan Lethbridge said...

I'd take your rant to the local sixth form college, see how it goes down. Bloody students.

Nathalie said...

I am so totally with you there, apart from the swearing maybe. I spent my Sunday lunchtime picking up rubbish from the Thames foreshore which included a lot of polystyrene... It's bad enough with the rubbish that ends up there from the sewers and the wind, not to have extra brought there on purpose, however good the intentions are.

Maybe they should be pointed towards the Waterway Champions project ( where they could go pick up rubbish from the Thames, tributaries and canal, and use it to make art projects. Much better that way round!

Parus said...

Jonathan's right - there can't be too many local colleges, and a quick email with the photo and a less sweary description to each and they'll do the rest. It's in their interests to do so, and irrespective of the merit of the artwork itself, it's a fairly easy piece to recognise.

Andrew said...

I like the sentiment of the piece (I am still young and lefty, though gaining cynicysm with alacrity), but I detest the hypocrisy. And I support the sweary tone.

Definitelyhave a go at sending the pictures round the local sixth form colleges. Never mind the artwork (though it is distinctive), I reckon the students would be pretty recognisable from that photo.

Thing said...

I agree.


There is just one tiny little problem that I forsee.

"Dear school, I was taking pictures of children without consent when...."

Billy Dykes said...

Hahaha, yeah I think that is a bad idea!

Fraser Simpson said...

Great story - not so great for the waterlife though.

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