New path by the Thames

Monday, December 07, 2009

Let me introduce you to a new part of my patch.  Not often do new bits of patch turn up, and not often do new bits of the Thames path get opened up.  Well last week I got both. 

Firstly, let me just say that the Thames path on this section of the river is irregular, being broken up by things like waste plants, rivers, wharfs (wharves?), The Hurlingham Club and industrial areas.  This means that much of the time that would be spent birding is actually spent walking around urban areas to get from one er, hot spot, to another.  These inconvenient areas also mean that much of the habitat that I would like to view/visit is out of reach.  Inconvenient.

Now, allow me take you back into the mists of my meandering posts.  The first mention (I think) of the development works by the mouth of the Wandle were detailed on this Bird Forum post. I continued, but with more photos and stuff on this blog here and then here.  And that seemed to be it.  Although there was a path and some ugly buildings planned for the area the economic climate has made this kind of building very slow in starting.  I would view the area from the north side of the river and occasionally see men working, but not often.  And then a big blue wooden shuttering fence thing went up.  And then a wire fence was erected outside this.  Occasionally men would arrive with top soil and stuff, and occasionally machines but nothing much seemed to be happening, nor was there any signs of anyones intentions.

And then at the beginning of last week, from the opposite side of the river I saw a chap in a suit striding purposefully towards a dead end which was wierd in itself as that area is never used by anyone that walksfaster than a dawdle.  Imagine my suprise when he was then seen walking purposefully around the top of the attenuation pond area.  So I thought I'd go and have a look.

Get in!  There's a bloody path right by loads of habitat and everything!

And now I'll sort of let the pictures do the talking?

A sign telling me that if I break my head open, it's my fault.

A path doing new.

A view of the top of the attenuation ponds.

Another view of the top of the attenuation ponds, looking to the Thames.

Habitat doing accessible.

Looking back down the Wandle.

A view of a path on a mirrory thing.

A bit of path.

A bit of path that is a bit longer and round the corner.

Mouth of Wandle to Thames with official looking boat.

I'll more than likely talk about birds in the area over the next few days.

Finally, let me state quite clearly that this post is not a reaction to a recent spate of  'Have a look round my patch' type posts (and intented posts) that have appeared on some of my favourite blogs recently.  No Siree, no way.  This is genuine news, and anyway I did all that like ages ago and if you want to see how rubbish this patch is you can get an idea by scrolling down this set of pages. 

Counting Coots - pushing the boundaries of birdblogging as you would expect.


Andy said...

I like your captions. I do like a good caption.

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