15 minutes and a year tick

Friday, May 21, 2010

As every  recent overflying Buteo has morphed under focussing to a juvenile Herring Gull, so every recent flypast Common Tern has unseasonally morphed under focussing to an adult Black-headed Gull (see winter birds on previous post).

Until yesterday.

I had only the briefest of visits yesterday but the flypast Common Tern remained a Common Tern.  Bravo!  Year tick 61 in the bag.  Only three more (House Martin, Sandpiper spp, and Goldcrest are the likeliest) and I'll beat the 2009 list - and there is still another 7 months of patch drudgery to go!  Hurrah!

A Med Gull doing blimey I havent seen one of those for ages.


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