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Friday, May 14, 2010

When a pied wagtail with no tail flies over, it looks right wierd.

Egyptian Goose vocalisations are rubbish.

Once male Pochards have done mating, they seem to drift away.

I should have had a Common Sandpiper in the patch by now.  But haven't. And you can add Common Tern and House Martin to that list too.

The other day I counted over 90 feral pigeons and one Stock Dove on the foreshore.  Yes, it was that boring.

According to his e-mail signature Lee GREvans is running 10 blogs.  Ten (TEN).  How does anyone find time to run 10 blogs?

If a bird has nowhere to lay it's eggs, and it has mated, what does it do with them?  This is specifically about Coots, and more specifically about the pair that are hanging around the tidal Thames foreshore.

Coots doing it.


Dave said...

I like this post. I am confused, nut I like this post.
Thank you.

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