there's a moth in me kitchen...

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Stick it on the blog, obviously.

Last year on this blog (I can say that because I've been spinning this tedium out for everyone for an age) during the late summer  I stated that this was a moth free zone as many of my peers were filling the birdless days by finding moths and butterflies and things.  That didn't half make for some pretty repetitive postings.  I recant.  This post will contain a picture of a bug.  Why the change I hear you ask.  Why not I say.  They often stay still long enough to get a rubbish photo of and I have a book now, so I can now mis-identify moths and butterflies as readily as I do Gulls.  Hurrah!

So here we go, the first in an occasional and quite possibly very short series of posts on moths...

A Brimstone Moth doing Opisthograptis luteolata


Dave said...

Nice counter top.

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