year tick, plastics and accipiter

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Eventually I have Blackcap on the year list.  I thought I was going to have to write a meandering threnody to a lost passerine as they seem to have arrived everywhere else, but no - yesterday brought a Blackcap singing in the trees in the Hurlingham Club which with the Swifts last week brings me to a nice round 60 for the year.  What dominated my time in the patch yesterday was a Sparrowhawk that was also in the trees in the Hurlingham Club.  With a slight nod to Dave Lewis, here is a picture of said bird. 

Not only did these trees produce a year tick and a good bird (I got better views than the photo would have you believe don't you know) but I heard the damned peacock again, and then a bit of plastic wandered up the bank...

A Goose doing confused parentage.


Dave said...

I am honoured that you have mentioned me kind sir.
It's not necessarily a good thing to be known the world over as the master of the obverse avian shots.

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