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Friday, May 28, 2010

If a large bird is standing on the back of another large bird of the same species, and the large bird that is underneath the large bird doesn't turn round and get the large bird on top off of it, that's mating right?

Well these two large birds were seen doing the exact same thing on the barges by Wandsworth Park yesterday.

And I saw them doing other behaviour too.  Billing and cooing (cooing is stretching it a bit), and they were doing territory too.

A barge that a large bird decides is it's territory is largely clear of other large birds...

And a barge that a large bird decides is not it's territory is largely full of the other large birds...

Yes, it looks like the Great Black-backed Gulls are back and they are in the mood for some breeding. They made the effort the summer before last (in the year 1 BCC*) and raised a chick which didn't fledge.  However they were nowhere to be seen in 2009.  Great Black-backed Gulls rarely breed in London (and Surrey for that matter - the patch overlaps the boundaries - in a Venn diagram kinda way) so hopefully there will be some success this year.  I'll obviously keep y'all up to date inbetween inane postings about Coots and moths.

[* - Before Counting Coots]


Dave said...

Unlike me, you were polite enough not to take photos of the deed in progress. Well done.

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