day two

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Everybody say.....bleeeeeuuuurgh

Baby Coots doing hit by the ugly stick - big time

So there are the three chicks seen yesterday and the day before, there was another chick in the process of hatching while I was there which can be seen just below the adult in this astonishingly high quality image...

It was still moving and getting attention from the parent while I was there yesterday and one of the chicks even responded to it and pecked either its shell or beak too.  Perhaps there will be four then.  There is another egg in the nest, but it is probably a no-goer.  The adults didn't know what to do with themselves yesterday, three years of trying (instinctively) and then these little furballs turn up.  They were on the nest, off the nest, feeding the chicks, walking over each other, returning to the hatchling, and repeating again.  

Good stuff all round.  More updates on here regarding this nest are inevitable.  Stay tuned kids!


Dave said...

An "astonishingly high quality image!" Don't let that become a habit, the Coots union will expect to be paid if they become too famous.

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