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Monday, June 28, 2010

Patch news, but not from me...

On the Wiki...

Friday 25 June 2010
Wandsworth: Hobby hunting over Wandle Creek at 5.30

Comment on this here blog from Michael Mac...

26 Jun (2 days ago)
I was looking at this nest today and saw no young only the pair of adults - there was another coot nest much futher down the river - so I take it the young have been predated?

A bloody Hobby!  FFS!  It won't come back, as there are no hirundines or dragonflies to eat.  I am as gutted as Frank Lampard.  Truly, truly pissed off.  A Hobby in the patch, and I missed it.  Gutted.

And as for the Coots, that really is bad news.  I'll be back, but what I'll have to show only the patch will tell...

A Whitethroat doing nervy


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