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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Got to the shopping trolley Coots on Monday and their reasonably high nest is still there and they are still incubating.  Not knowing when they started on this particular brood I have no idea of when they are unlikely to reach the end of the incubation period, but at the very least they are half way through I would think.  Maybe.

Other than that, Grey Wagtails are still about - a couple of Egyptian Geese are occasionals and the GBB's have been seen flying through but their barge could be seen the other day filled with juvenile Herring Gulls so they are not defending the territory any more.   So not much is going on but stuff is going on if you see what I mean.  But I did find the first Banded Demoiselle of the year with a male flitting about the Wandle.

Very nice.

Two coots doing persistence.


col said...

so when does the sweepstake open on this nest then? How do you rate their chances should the eggs actually hatch?

Thing said...

I reckon it's as likely as England winning the World Cup...

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