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Friday, June 18, 2010


And feeding it to four day old chicks for good measure.  For those that thought that Coots just eat weeds, this may come as a pleasant surprise.  I'm assuming that it is a Mitten Crab as they are not unknown in these parts, but one of the Coots did bring a crab to the nest yesterday.  The legs and the insides went down quite easily.  The chicks were not too keen on the shell though.

There was, for a short while, a Grey Wagtail on the nest site too.  Which is always nice.  Coots on the left, wag on the right.

Where the Coots are sitting is actually not the original nest itself, they seem now to have a couple of spots on the pile where they like to spend their time, just a short but perhaps significant distance from the rotting carcass of their sibling.

Have another Wagtail picture.

A Grey Wagtail doing nice.


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