it's ok, they are only gulls

Thursday, August 19, 2010

If you look at the Birdguides reports of rarities that are knocking about these fair isles, you will occasionally see that there are entries for Yellow Legged Gulls.  That means that they are unusual.  So I should make more of a song and dance about this bird as it is still hanging about in Fulham and seen yesterday.

Of course, just because it is on Birdguides (other rare bird information services are available) doesn't necessarily mean that the birds are hard to find or that significant.  How many times in a day do people need to tell everyone else that there are Spoonbills at Cley for example?

Anyhow, elsewhere in the patch, Common Gull numbers are on the rise, as there were two yesterday.  Here is one, ain't it purdy?

Else-elsewhere in the patch, this ringed Herring Gull (white A6LK) has been seen.  I'm not the first to have seen it but it's the first time I've seen it.

Now if you think that me moving to a new patch means that I'll stop yapping on about Larids, think again  (even if I'm able to find the time to do it, it will depend on servers and monitoring and stuff).  So it might not be Norfolk'n Birds, it might well be Norfolk'n Posts!  I digress, regardless of the blogability of my situation, this photo of the new patch gives you an idea of what kind of gullage I'll be up to.

Now ain't that purdy?

I can't bloody wait.


Mark James Pearson said...

good luck to you sir, and a fine title for the new blog....

Unknown said...

Man that seagull looks scary! If I see one looking at me I'm gonna run and be all like, "That bird tried to eat me!"

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