Thursday, August 05, 2010

To assuage some kind of guilt regarding the eponymous Coots of this blog and the lack of interest I was showing (what, when there are Redshanks all over the show?) I went to check them out yesterday. I hadn't been to the shopping trolley since the end of the family that appeared against all belief earlier in the year.  Not once.  Which is a bit pants, but that particluar drama had left me a bit flat.  And besides, I had a fair idea of what was going to happen.  The days are still long, the sun is still warm, there is still plenty of food about.  What is a Coot supposed to do?

Nest, that's what.

A Coot doing sitting tight.  Yesterday.

And I reckon that this is high enough for success too.  Perhaps they have learned something after all.  Note the amount of vegetation that is now associated with this nest.  It has been there so long that it is turning into an island in it's own right.  A shopping trolley microclimate if you will.  Chicks may be only a week away.

I bet you never thought you'd see the words 'shopping trolley microclimate' juxtaposed did you?


Ernest said...

Can I be the first to suggest that your new blog could be called Normal for Norfolk ?
Mainly, I suppose, because it wouldn't be.

Thing said...

Abnormal for Norfolk?

Norfolk n' Birds?

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