not what I had intended

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I was going to waffle on about discuss imprinting in wildfowl.  I was perhaps going to mention Konrad Lorenz (younger viewers may not remember black and white film of a bloke walking around with loads of geese following him).  I might have even mentioned his membership of the Nazi Party.  I was going to read some books and get some info and stuff.  To elucidate and enlighten and perhaps entertain.  Unfortunately, to justify all that nonsense, I needed a second view of a bird at a local park to check that my initial assumption was correct.  Basically, because the initial assumption was interesting, but unproven (that's science kids).  

Instead of all that, I proffer a picture and a brief synopsis (an abstract mayhaps) of what I might have waffled on about discussed had I found this bird last night, when in fact I found not much at all.

You see that Tufted Duckling? It thinks that the Mallard is it's mother. 



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