Doing Tea!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Yes reader, Counting Coots Inc brings you ‘Doing Tea’!

Exclusive to reader of Counting Coots, you too can share enjoy your tea break with the world’s foremost bird related interblog and revel in the wonders of ornithological based swearing*!

This limited edition, short term restricted once in a lifetime special offer is not available for long! Or even at all!

Not only does this dispensation system hold hot beverages without discernable leakages, and show the logo of your favourite blog around most of it, but it also incorporates a finger assisted lifting system called ‘a handle’. It is on the side of the ‘mug’ and works ergonomically to assist the user in a mug/gob interface and adheres to BSI things and stuff like that.

A mug doing 'the nuts'

You can own your own Counting Coots mug for a nice round £99.99 (excluding extortionate postage and packaging). No advance orders will be accepted, no credit, cheques or postal orders accepted, used tenners in an unmarked envelope given to an approved middleman only.

*patch not included, terms and conditions apply.


Anonymous said...

I am just a poor OAP.
How about one for 99p inc. P&P.
Then I wont tell what a scrooge you are and that you beat up your parents

Unknown said...

Bloody good idea....hope you have got a patent on the idea. Just love the handle.

Alan Tilmouth said...

That brought a memory back. I had a mug press a few years back and did a decent trade in 19th century lithographed bird images on mugs on Ebay (it avoided copyright issues)I reckon you'd shift at least five if you ran with it.

Andrew said...

I'd definitely say I'd buy one, then probably not get round to it. I've been through this before with the Weighted Companion Cube plushie, but I am a sad sad man.

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