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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So yesterday it rather did rain down here. But there was a quandary. On Monday a Kittiwake had been seen in Crossness, and then probably found its way to Greenwich (discounting the two bird theory) which means that it was drifting west. Which is where Fulham is. On Tuesday there was a Common Scoter drifting west along the Thames. West is where Fulham is. It is with this kind of information in mind that a dedicated (or just plain stupid) patch birder will still venture out in the pissing rain. Optimistically thinking that he can find shelter from the precipitate when he knows fine well that there isn’t any. And optimistically thinking that an interesting bird might get forced down the river for him to view. Of course this didn’t happen and I saw a gull and got wet.

However, the gods were mayhaps smiling on my diligence dear reader, as this morning I managed to locate a Jay. Yes, a Jay alright? Jays, Collared Doves, Thrushes - all proper rare birds round here and this Jay is actually a year tick, giving me a hefty 2008 busting total of 61 for the year.

To many of you this may seem like the most trivial of records and I accept that this is not the most stunning ornithological record, and it is highly unlikely to be sent to or excite the pagerists (although I’m really tempted to stick it on Birdguides just for the annoyance of the easily annoyed) but it’s a year tick. So there.

You want a picture don’t you.

Starlings doing flying.


Alan Tilmouth said...

If you could only capture one of the Coots, attach a couple of orange feathers either side of its head and release it on the Thames. A couple of your near legendary pin sharp images and you could fool the world (for a few seconds).

Anonymous said...

I think you mean 2009??

kanishk said...

A couple of your near legendary pin sharp images and you could fool the world (for a few seconds).
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